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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Roundup of some of the Halloween pumpkins that've been making the rounds of the interwebs: old-school Cylon, via Newsarama; the Mac-o-Lantern, via D(B), and this selection via M+D(M).

Update: A history of Halloween, via Slashdot.


Wow. Can't believe I made it this long without Spamusement.


Been rereading the two Vertigo Midnight, Mass* series from a few years back — not because of the time of year, but because, in a totally random discovery, filled the issues I was missing from the first run in Baltimore. Good stuff, not without its weaknesses, but too bad it didn't take off into a series.

* No good "official" links; I suggest you Google** it, adding Vertigo and/or Rozum to get a whole bunch of articles and reviews.

** Sorry, shouldn't be verbing Google. (Via Adfreak).


Don't have cable, so I've got to wait 'til February for Sword of Storms to make it to DVD. If you've got Cartoon Network, check it out tonight and let me know if I should add it to my queue.


Sure, the name's all type geek, but the comedy's all slapstick.


New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast's Halloween horror.


The long overdue "feature" update is now up at 7000 BC. In addition to Ryk's book, we've got a bunch of other new things in the store, including Funk 2.


Chris always has beautiful photos, but I especially enjoyed his recent Water Spirits.


Terrific article on Garry Trudeau and the B.D. storyline by Gene Weingarten in yesterday's Post.


Order code for the upcoming Mr. Big trade: NOV06 3846. Get your comic shop to order a bunch!


Batman loses to, among others, Mary Richards (she does, after all, have spunk). The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived from the book of the same name. Also, I understand what the author of the list is getting at, but Smokey Bear did live, y'know. I've been to his grave.


After some time away from her blog, a new illustration from Deb.


The adoblogosphere is all abuzz about the new Sony Bravia ad "Paint", the sequel to the really, really popular (Adfreak notes one version on YouTube's been viewed 3.5 million times) "Balls". All sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff at the site as well.

Uh oh.


Today, a day in the life of the UK.


Marc sent me a sneak preview of the special edition of Tales To Bewilder — featuring Jet Danger, Agent of R.A.N.G.E.R., as well as Evan and Matt's long-awaited League of Lincoln (which was a surprise to me). He'll have them at the Repercussion Comics table at the Dallas Comic Con at the end of the month.


Raph emailed along The NYT's review of Masters of American Comics the other day. The way I heard it, so many pieces were omitted not because they might potentially offend viewers, but for more practical concerns, a decision made at the show's outset. And here's Art Speigelman's explanation for withdrawing from the show.


At SPX— going on right nowSilent Devil has announced that they're starting a new imprint, Little Foot, and Matt and Carol's Mr. Big is going to be their first release. We've known that for months. Anyway, since we're here and not there, we're off to try and see the balloons this weekend.


This is an unfortunate setback for proponents of comics in libraries and of rational thought. Update: an editorial on the slippery slope of the decision. Via The Comics Reporter.


Sigh. For the first time in four years (three as attendees, last year behind the table), we're going to miss SPX. The DCC is going to be well represented, with Matt and Andrew, Evan, and Rafer. If you're there, be sure to stop by and check out their work.


After way, way too much struggling with Flickr (it's that close to being a good interface), some highlights from the 7000 BC photo set have made their way to the 24 Hour Comics Day group.


Recent article in the WSJ about the phenomenon of "blooks" — books derived from blogs — used as its main example the manga book Demon Wife Diaries from Ameba Books, based on the blog by "Kazuma"


24 Hour Comics Day is all over now, but I was liveblogging it. Follow our progress — and that of participants from around the world — at the 24 Hour Comics Blog. Or skip straight to the last three dispatches from New Mexico here, here, and here; our first one got lost 'cause I was accidentally posting to the wrong blog. Update: all the photos are at Flickr.


Right now, we're at 24 Hour Comics Day at True Believers. A bunch of the 7000 BC gang is here along with about 18-20 other folks, working to finish 24 pages in the next 24 hours. Monica's hard at work on hers; I'm just providing support, catching up on some writing.


Raph points to this article about Charles Frazier's new book, out today.

Away on a business trip for the rest of the week. Back in time to help 7000 BC out with — if not participate in — the 24 Hours Comics Day event at TBCG.


Canada=Mars. At least for now.


It's a few weeks old, but just ran across this interview with the writer of Action Philosophers.

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