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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.

Older issues


1.16 The Mountain, Interlude 2

Rose and Tyler's activity on the mountain is not going unnoticed.

download issue 1.16 pdf


1.15 The Mountain, Interlude 1

Back at the SQRL, Reginald makes an impression on Bookman.

download issue 1.15 pdf

1.14 The Mountain, Part 3

Rose and Tyler prepare to make their move — but tensions between them threaten the mission.

download issue 1.14 pdf

1.13 The Mountain, Part 2

Out on their own and ready to take action... but where are they?

download issue 1.13 pdf

1.12 The Mountain, Part 1

Rose and Tyler move to press their advantage — but first, they have to get out of Los Alamos alive.

download issue 1.12 pdf

Squirrel Tales: Reginald, Part 1

A lifetime ago, Reginald joined the SQRL and left his world behind. Guest artist Jeff Benham.

download pdf

1.11 Los Alamos, Conclusion

Somebody's going to pay for what happened to Reginald.

download issue 1.11 pdf

Squirrel Tales: Janet, Part 1

She's got what might be the toughest job at the SQRL. Guest artist Pete Ziomek.

download pdf

1.10 Los Alamos, Part 3

Tempers flare under the mesa as trouble pays Reginald a visit.

download issue 1.10 pdf

Squirrel Tales: Rose, Part 1

Next on the couch: Rose, with a story from her pre-SQRL days. Guest artist Dale Deforest.

download pdf

1.9 Los Alamos, Part 2

With the aid of a new ally, Tyler and Rose begin unearthing what really happened in Los Alamos.

download issue 1.9 pdf

Squirrel Tales: Bookman, Part 1

The first issue in our new series sheds some light on Bookman's past. Guest artist Jeff Kilburn.

download pdf

1.8 Los Alamos, Part 1

The trail to Gabriel takes Tyler and Rose to New Mexico — and leads to a discovery in an unanticipated place.

download issue 1.8 pdf

1.7 Backup, Part 2

Big trouble down on the server farm, and Bookman has to make the call.

download issue 1.7 pdf

1.6 Backup, Part 1

Rose and Tyler try to hack into a computer the hard way.

download issue 1.6 pdf

1.5 Coffee Break

More of Tyler and Rose's past is revealed, but the stroll down memory lane takes an unexpected turn.

download issue 1.5 pdf

1.4 Research Project

Tyler begins to uncover the secret history of a secret organization.

download issue 1.4 pdf

1.35 Bookman's Afternoon

The director of the SQRL needs a break. Web-only!

download issue 1.35 pdf

1.3 Rose Remembers

Life sucks... and then you have to leave your partner to die.

download issue 1.3 pdf

1.2 Malta — Five Years Ago

It was supposed to be a routine surveillance op — how could it go so wrong?

download issue 1.2 pdf

1.1 Raised By Squirrels

The last person he thought he'd ever see is back — and she needs his help.

download issue 1.1 pdf

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