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You never call! Maybe you should instead? Seriously, we'd love to know what you think about RBS.


Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Seeking coding hacks, Monica wound up corresponding with the folks behind Spoilt!. In their mission statement: "Because a good comic is still a good read even if you know what happens." (Sounds to me like an endorsement for downloading RBS — then buying the trade.)


A little something for everyone who's had to put up with design by committee.


At our 7000 B.C. day-long production meeting today, Dale presented us with this marvelous Rose pinup.


Some guy in California is dressing up as Spider-Man to steal comics.


In the archives over at The Comics Reporter, how not to get your friends interested in comics.


Raphael (who keeps track of these things) alerts me that The Red Star is on track to be a movie. There was a lot that was really great about that series, but for me, it really opened up the idea of breaking away from the "traditional" writer + penciller + inker + colorist + letterer format. I'd rather see a new issue than the movie.


We're on a quick trip to the Baltimore region, and managed to get to the legendary Atomic Books (something I managed not to do during my 12+ years in the area) for, among other things, the new Lulu Eightball book they've just published.


About time. It's been, like, weeks since there was a weird squirrel post.


At the 7000 B.C. meeting a few weeks back, Pete was showing the new Web site for Over The Top Comics (site redesigns — it's what all the cool kids are doing). My delay in writing about it has given time for him to post Monica's sketch, inspired by our surroundings, Second Street Brewery.


a new site!

Yes, after hours of CSS wrangling and cursing at Blogger and hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth and saying very, very bad words, I've managed to integrate the blog into our website. No more frames! Splendid.You may have noticed from the stack of little 80-by-15-pixel-link-type gifs at the bottom that we're now listed at — check it out! Please give a shout-out to them and any of the other groups for whom we're showing our 80-by-15-pixel love.

And if you happened across the site while I was fighting with the cascading style sheets, I apologize. No one should have to see that.



The first part of my report of our trip to Masters of American Comics is posted at the DCC blog.


At the International Center for Photography, an exhibit dedicated to that photograph and its enduring (commercial) appeal.


Via Chris at the DCC: The Ultimate Comic Shop Map. I need to email them about True Believers.


Tyrrell first alerted us to the sad news of the passing of Seth Fisher, the brother of a good friend of his. Just tonight, we read the final installment of his wonderful Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan. The only relic I'm holding onto from an ill-conceived relaunch of the Doom Patrol a few years back is a two-part flashback/what if that Fisher did, showcasing his innovative composition and imaginative draftsmanship.


Penguin Books, always noted for their attention to design, is releasing some of their classics with covers by noted comic artists.
Page emailed me a link to this shirt, and I had to buy one. I was powerless. Bram wore it to the latest 7000 BC meeting, but Tyrrell — the guy who thinks we're just squandering a great title by not putting more actual squirrels in our comic — wasn't there. I had to email him a photo.

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