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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


A year-end update: the conclusion to the Los Alamos storyline is just about wrapped up, as is Reginald's Squirrel Tale, so we'll be posting those soon and getting the volume 2 trade off to the printer at the beginning of the week. The proof for the volume 1 reprint is due in about a week and the proof for Death, Cold as Steel should be here after New Year's. It's going to be a white-knuckle ride trying to get this all done for Phoenix, so say a prayer to the gods of print on demand for us. Once those are all out of our hands, we'll be launching the Panel Press site (already underway — and it looks great) and seeing the latest New West art.


Snowed in here (12" and still falling). Panel Press was just "friended" by The Comic Creators Network of Kansas City so I've been passing some time with their free comix.


John Bintz hooked up with the DCC sometime after we totally ditched them for Santa Fe reluctantly moved on to the southwest. I've been reading his webcomic A Moment of Clarity — and, I confess, I wasn't entirely sure what it was all about. But my curiosity, combined with my appreciation for the art (which makes terrific use of the webcomic format without calling attention to itself) made me stick with it. The story concluded (a couple weeks ago; just read it 'cause the RSS feed was broken) with a marvelous, chuckle-out-loud moment.


Best wishes for x.mas.


The upshot is that scientists have determined that squirrels have the ability to predict a tree's seed output, but the headlines about it are the best part. Via Dad B.


At Presentaton Zen — which aims to get folks away from giving Powerpoints and into giving presentations — one of the gift recommendations is the brilliant Understanting Comics.


Andy first alerted me that The Prisoner is being made into a new TV series, directed by Christopher Nolan — and now the news is popping up in the oddest places. I'm still not entirely sure this is a good idea, so this weekend I think I'm going to reread the comic book that came out a few years back. With a clever premise, smart wordplay, and understated art, it's a treat — and as much a product of its time as the original series.


Kevin pointed me to the announcement that Brian K. Vaughn is joining the writing staff of Lost. Good.

The wildly talented Andrew notes at the DCC that his dispute with GW Law got an article in the school's publication.


For Monica, who's doing the lettering and production on Death, Cold As Steel: the history of speech balloons. Via Coudal.


"There's a low-budget, indie film lack of polish to the overall package that I find appealing — similar to the way Memento hinted at even better things to come from the Nolan brothers — and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Ed Brubaker's work in Point Blank or Sleeper." The Comic Book Commentary review of RBS.


Here's the cover to the first issue of Death, Cold as Steel. Working on getting the final artwork ready for the printer this week.


Proposal for a new Star Trek animated series. "Most of the character design work" by Jeff Parker.



Mr. Big previewed at Newsarama. The description's not much, but there are samples of the art. You've already ordered yours, though, right?


Scribbly illustration in action. It's not interactive — other than changing the speed at the bottom, but it's cool to watch.


The day in rodent news: city squirrels via Jett and country prairie dogs via Andy.


With the goal of being MySpace for comics, ComicSpace launched last week; in just a few days it's up to more than 3300 members. Still waiting for some key functionality to really see what it can do, but that didn't stop us from setting up spaces for Raised By Squirrels, 7000 BC, Mon, and Panel Press (which, much like its Web site, is still very much a work in progress).


"Though disguised as a black-and-white book from an unknown publisher, Raised by Squirrels is as slick and engaging a superhero espionage thriller as you'd find in any 'mainstream' book." From the Focused Totality review. Being mentioned in the same sentence as some of our favorite titles and creators is an honor.


In the interests of full disclosure (and testing the adage that "there's no such thing as bad press"), a link to a not-so-favorable review.


Just finished the script for another project — yes, it takes place in the SQRL; yes, it begins with a knock on the door. That's about all it has in common with RBS. And here's how it begins. Art by Jamie Chase, twenty-eight pages, full comic book size, part one of three, still untitled. Hoping to have it to print before the end of the year.

Connecticut resident and New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast reviewed in The New York Times.

Semi-related addendum: The Comics Reporter, however, is less than impressed with their comics coverage.


Quarterly press check time for work, which means periodic dashes to the printer — even in the late hours of the (colder than you'd think; at least, colder that I thought) Carolina night. Insane schedule and sleep deprivation means either fewer posts 'cause I'm actually sleeping or more posts because I can't. Mon started me off with a link at Comic Foundry which announces
Paul Pope's blog and mentions Eddie Campbell's.


Comics from Africa at Studio Museum in Harlem. Via Raph.

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