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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


The newspaper vending machine . . . of the future!


From Andy, this intriguing piece from Frontline on a superhero comic produced in Kuwait, trying to put forth a more moderate image of Islam.


Via Raph, The Hembeck Files! Hoo boy, I remember some of those.


An interview with Chris from True Believers at the Washington Times' pop culture blog.


Typography and the cars that it goes on at Cartype.


Andy sent this along, which seems a perfectly reasonable response to the recent alarming headlines.


Stayed up too late last night, finishing off Fun Home. At times, a little too much like an illustrated story and less like a comic, but still something I couldn't wait to get back to.


Seems like several of the folks who contributed to The Telegraph's collection of infuriating phrases are as irritated as I am that "literally" now seems to mean "figuratively."


Design all over Weekend Edition Sunday with a story about design for the other 90% (also covered at the NYT a few weeks back) and a story about the ubiquity of work by the Eamses.


Maybe it's just my New England heritage, but I think this is amazingly cool.


I'm sure that this was just an aberration — an errant advance guard getting anxious or some such thing. But look for more headlines like these in the days ahead. Mark my words. Paul found the article.


"Microsoft’s PowerPoint software is an all-conquering monster of crumminess, a threat to life as we know it." Edward Tufte profiled at New York Magazine (the quote's the reporter's, not Tufte's). Coudal, again.


Helping usher in The End of Print, The Magazine Death Pool. Via Coudal.


Hoo, boy. Been a bunch of stuff going on, including the arrival of the final issue of Death, Cold As Steel,; the quarterly business trip; and Ryk's girlfriend totally not trying to kill Monica, documented in today's 7000 BC jam.


Photos from last Friday's opening of Strip: Undressing Comics at Flickr.

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