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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


An article in the NYT on an exhibit on the glory days of automobile design at Louisville Visual Art Association. Be sure to check the slide show. The computer has given us many wonderful technological advances, but it's pretty much killed the art of car design.

Pretty much the definition of approach/avoid: Squirrelly Gray by Kolchaka.

The Trouble With Tribbles as told by Edward Gorey (with assistance from Shaenon K. Garrity. Via Blog @ Newsarama.


Adrants points to this comics-themed ad campaign. Something about those drawings looks a

Adland's Ad Dictionary.


Seems the LOL Cats are doing quite well, thx. Just discovered the phenomenon a few weeks back, so I'm still entertained by them. Via new daily read Unbeige.

On what would've been his 90th birthday — more recognition for Jack Kirby, including an op-ed in the NYT. Via Andy.


A great time at Bubonicon this past weekend. We haven't done the math, but it could be the most successful outing for Raised By Squirrels yet — thanks so much for your support.

OK, don't panic like I did. Richard's Poor Almanack has moved here.


Jamie's opening tonight — and then this weekend, we'll be at the 7000 BC table in dealers room at Bubonicon, the New Mexico Science Fiction Convention. We'll have Squirrels, the Death, Cold As Steel trade paperback, and all sorts of comics from group members, including the third installment of Fakin' The Funk and the complete run of Muse.


The Death, Cold As Steel advance copies arrived today for Bubonicon this weekend. If you're inclined to take advantage of the deal on individual issues, you might want to do that soon.


Paul pointed me to an article in the IHT about graphic novels in England; related, the Newsarama blog has this piece about Agatha Christie comics.


Henry Hikes to Fitchburg. I know what our friends' kids are getting for Christmas this year. Via this post about D.B. Johnson at Lines and Colors, which I've been quietly enjoying since I ran across it a couple months back.

Available for download — The End of It All, the jam comic created at last week's 7000 BC meeting.


The Lucky Squirrel Print over at Coudal's Swap Meat. Unfortunately, don't need another squirrel print; still haven't quite got around to framing and hanging the last one I got.

The squirrels of Mark Trail. By a faithful reader of The Comics Curmudgeon.



Chip Kidd on three of his recent covers. Via all the cool design blogs.


A moment to welcome new visitors. This is the site for Raised By Squirrels, a serialized we comic produce, admittedly, more than just somewhat infrequently. You can read the entire story to date, including guest artist installments, by downloading the PDFs to the left (starting at the bottom), checking out the Raised By Squirrels ComicSpace page, or by purchasing the trade paperbacks over at the top left.

RBS is released under the Panel Press imprint, where we've got a few other projects — including the just-completed Death, Cold As Steel miniseries, which takes place in the same world (but in an earlier age) as RBS, but stands on its own as a complete story. A preview of that is available at the Panel Press ComicSpace page.


"Though briskly paced, Meehan’s story comes together with much excitement and intrigue, the noir overtones fittingly heavy and enjoyable." The Rack Raids review of Death, Cold As Steel. We just saw the proof of the trade paperback — and it looks great. We'll have it at Bubonicon.


A peek at a little something in the works. More later, as it develops.


They Fight Crime! Reminds me of this. Via KS at LF at Icarus.


Jamie's new "director's cut" of Muse got a nice review at Broken Frontier.


Just discovered that Ben Katchor's monthly comics for Metropolis appear, in their entirety, in the bottom right of the home page and in the archives.


As a fan of archeology of the modern built environment, I always enjoy things like this about "urban explorers."

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