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You never call! Maybe you should instead? Seriously, we'd love to know what you think about RBS.


Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Marc's also writing reviews for ComicNews.Info now, and his Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters made me go out and pick it up. He also notes that Jason's Kreetor got a good writeup at Indy Comic Review.


Jeff will be staffing the 7000 BC table at Stumptown this weekend. Plenty of books from the group, the Death, Cold As Steel trade paperback — and Raised By Squirrels, which could certainly use your vote in the Stumptown Trophy Awards


Raphael notes something going on over at Gone and Forgotten. Looks to be stuff from the archives, but it's clearly a Blogger template. Easier to update — a sign of good things to come?


"Jonathan Ross travels around the world to meet Ditko's co-workers and fans, to understand more about the comic genius and his incredible body of work. And finally, in the run up to the artist's 80th birthday, Jonathan tries to meet the man himself." The BBC documentary In Search of Steve Ditko


Cripes, it's moved again and, as usual, The Washington Post's own search function is just a step above worthless. Richard's Poor Almanack can now be found here (after years of, inexplicably, not being on the Comics page). The even better news is that it's alongside Richard Thompson's other strip Cul de Sacnow being syndicated.

"Where are they now?" advertising edition, via AdFreak.


Matt made this excellent poster for Meat & Potato Theatre's Rashomon.

Watching this is apparently what Marc's been doing instead of making comics.



Just found the recently launched Sunday Comix, edited by the talented Max Ink. Got to meet him a few years back at SPACE; can't recommend Blink enough.


Over at Lines and Colors, a nice look at Making Comics.

Reminded me that I needed to post the photos I just got from Pete (and a few of mine) to Flickr.


New reviews of RBS and Death, Cold As Steel at PLAYBACK:stl today.


Got my preview of copy of Doe, Jane #2, but the rest of you will have to wait. Marc's just teasing you by posting the cover.


Hoo boy, quite a 7000 BC meeting yesterday. Bunch of stuff coming up, including art classes and 24 Hour Comics Day, appearances at Stumptown and SPX.

And we turned out another jam.

Matt Terich's font Hitchcock, based on Saul Bass' lettering from opening credits, is available for download.



To hold us over until the next Less Fun Comics, Joe put this together this comic for the coffee shop where he works.


Speaking of deranged fun, this weekend's viewing has included Hot Fuzz and, at the (incredulous that we hadn't seen it yet) urging of most of the NMFF, The Venture Brothers. Both highly recommended if you're into the aforementioned deranged fun.

Some new Doe, Jane pages posted at Deadlyworld. Marc promises the second issue's going to the printer this week.


Mentioned it to Jamie, but forgot to post it here — Optical Sloth's reviewing his way through Muse.

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