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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


At ComicFest 2009, we got to meet Sean from I Want More Comics, and he was good enough to take a few copies of all the Panel Press comics for the shop. So if you're in the Denver area (10355 Federal Blvd. in Westminster), stop by and check out our books — and their extensive indie offerings.

Just got my copies of the first two of Marc's Deadly World Man installments. A nostalgic look at the classic comics of your early comics-reading-hood — but through Mr. Haines' wry eye. Wacky fun.

Update: and a preview of the next cover.


That's right — this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, bub.


BTW, here's that WSJ article on Comic Sans and the people hate it that was all the rage … last week.


Our photos from ComicFest 2009 are at the 7000 BC Flickr stream. And some from Angienet are at her site; go to proofs and then "Comicfest 2009." Matthew's also posting some at his blog (no permalink straight to them), including some of the sci-fi side.

Update: you can also check out Angienet's photos at Photobucket; password is anginet


"Having all the information isn't always better"— from an essay from J.J. Abrams on mystery. Spoiler alert: what is the value of being first to know? You may (as I do) quibble about where his stories go, but you can't deny the guy knows how to draw you in. Via Coudal.


Wow! Back from the the first ComicFest in Denver — an amazing time representing 7000 BC. Even through the snow, we had a steady, interested crowd among some other great creators. Thanks again to Jason, Ben, Matthew, and all the other organizers.

We'll have more on it later; in the meantime, if you're not already a fan, take advantage of this jumping on-point for new readers at Diesel Sweeties.


Watching the special Star Trek Battlestar Galactica episode of CSI — nerd fun! — when we should be packing. Tomorrow, we'll be at ComicFest 2009 in Denver (where it's apparently snowing right now) at the 7000 BC table.


A welcome to new visitors — and a bit about what you're seeing here. Monica and I produce (admittedly, more than just somewhat infrequently) the serialized comic Raised By Squirrels — all of which are available for free by downloading the PDFs to the left (starting at the bottom) or for purchase via those links on the side.

RBS is released under the Panel Press imprint, where we offer a few other comics, including Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw which are set in the RBS universe, but at an earlier time, and feature art by Jamie Chase. We've got a free shipping offer on those.

In the past couple weeks, RBS has been reviewed at Comics Waiting Room and Warsaw has been reviewed at Sequential Tart.

We're also members of 7000 BC, a Northern New Mexico-based comic creators collective. You can check out their Web site for more, including current activities and some free downloads.


"Warsaw winds the clock back to a gritty time when film noir was at its height — Europe, post-World War II. It's a spooky little mystery about trying to comprehend the unfathomable." The Darkness From Warsaw reviewed at Sequential Tart.


"as if you didn't already know"

string #13 is now available for free download. Presenting the conclusion of the serialized version of The Darkness From Warsaw, along with some new talent and a whole bunch of recent jam comics.


"This is a crackling spy saga, elevated by some sharp art from the creative, some languid (but pleasant) pacing, and spare dialogue that accomplishes what needs to be done and then lets the page go silent." From the Comics Waiting Room review of RBS.

The report from New Comic Night:
  • As I think I've noted, I like about 50% of Warren Ellis' stuff, but I was willing to give Ignition City #1 a shot. It's a good start — and while it's definitely one of his high-concept, big idea kind of things, do I detect the possibility that this might be more character-driven? Will stick around to see.
  • And was I surprised — and happy — to finally see issue 4 of Infinite Horizon. I'd called the title out as a highlight before, but a little disappointed reading this issue … I appreciate the odd pacing of the series, but things kinda ground to a halt here. I'm not really sure where in The Odyssey this was supposed to be, but with only two more issues to go, I think there's still a lot to cover.
  • With issue 12, Captain Britain and MI13 continues to be one of the most solid, entertaining reads I'm buying. Doing a great job of spinning a few different plotlines and characters (though all interrelated); plus I'm a sucker for the whole modern science meets classic vampire thing. I'm worried (and a bit confused) about Lady Farnsworth, though, but I'm not going back to Wikipedia to try and understand the whole Baron Blood thing again.

Because I was only expecting one title in this week, hit the library for a few trades. I've gone through most of the stuff I wanted to read, but ran across the first two collections of Wolverine: First Class. Only Fred Van Lente's writing credit got me to pick them, but I still wasn't confident about yet another Wolverine title. But what a treat that first volume was — tight stories, good characterizations, clever take on Marvel's past.

Worth noting that I spotted at least one typo in all of the above except for Captain Britain. (Update: my apologies — First Class is clean; it was the Weapon X trade that I started and just couldn't do that night that had the typo.)

Reasonably happy with Friday's Dollhouse as well. Though I'd feared something like that fate for Mr. Dominic all along, since Reed Diamond's name was never in the opening credit sequence.


Next weekend, off at ComicFest 2009, the inaugural comics event in Denver. It's a part of Starfest, a convention encompassing all aspects of popular media, film and television.

Jeff and I will be participating in the Local Creator Spotlight on Friday night at 7:00, talking with other regional self-publishers. And all weekend long, we'll be featuring comics from group members at the 7000 BC table in the Dealer Room.


The latest jam comic from 7000 BC, from this past weekend's meeting, is posted.

The report from New Comic Night; with just two, how'd it get so late?
  • the whole ideas of the three plotlines in Invincible Iron Man #12 is a pretty good one, though Tony's monthly fight with some other Marvel Universe character is getting old. Just enough of each to keep me coming back each month.
  • Agents of Atlas continues to be smart and clever, though this issue is too much setup … and, lookie, for a fight with some other Marvel Universe character. Love the art in the flashbacks, and have a lot of hope for how it'll all pull together.


Umm … The James Bond Musuem? Why wasn't I informed about this?


An article about Courtney and Jeff's comic Peoplings.

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