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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Recently posted — Geek Bombast's video from this past March's STAPLE!. That's us, over Uncle Staple's shoulder there. Makes me want to go to another one now.


Our Friday night plans? Forget New Comic Night for a week, we'll be at Jamie's annual gallery opening. Check out the video on his process. Creativity — it's all about "the committed line."

Typeface designed by driving a car around.


Sequential Tart's month of interviews with 7000 BC members concludes with Jamie — who I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with on Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw — and Shirl.


Concluding a couple days of previews. Here's the latest page from Marc of our Target project. He cautions there's still some work, some toning to be done. But I think it's clear that the big guy's about to get to bidnez.


Previews continue. The other night, trying to watch the dog outside at night, got a glimmer of an idea for a zombie comic for a special issue of string that 7000 BC is producing for Bubonicon.

I'd been emailing James AKA Mayhem for a couple years now, he's really been turning out his comics recently — and his style seemed a perfect fit. First page, without text, of Rods + Cones.

So, then, Whiteout was a purchase — from Steve Lieber himself — years ago at the Con during the Best Bachelor Party ever. It's how we "discovered" Greg Rucka and it continues to be a favorite here.

I knew the movie wouldn't live up, but … this? At least they got the fingers right. Probably about the only thing.


The first of hopefully a few days of preview art.

I'm trying to write at least one story for every issue of Jamie's MYX, his anthology of weird and creepy stories. Unearthed, from issue 2, I'll see if I can get my hands on a PDF for those of you who aren't near one of the stores that carry it.

Anyway, here's the first page (without text) of the story for issue 3 — but I think it already conveys a sense of dread … which is good, because (spoiler alert), things go badly from here.


And it looks like our friend Robert Stikmanz has another signing, this Saturday at Dragon's Lair in San Antonio.


This week's 7000 BC interviews at Sequential Tart feature Pete and Jeff.


Finally got to read last week's Wednesday Comics, and I'm not sure I have anything to add to the adulation from the Interwebs. It's a beautiful love letter to newspapers; too soon to judge individual comics (though I already have favorites), but uniformly a joy.

But I really want to call attention to Chew. I caught it late in Previews, and the LCS was able to score me a second printing. It's a weird high concept, set in a world where only outlaws eat chicken … but here's the thing, it's really, really well done — the writing, the plotting, the art (indie, but shows real storytelling skill). Looking forward to the rest.


The month-long 7000 BC coverage continues at Sequential Tart this week, with interviews with Courtney and me. And, yes, as of last Friday, I am picking up the pace again with RBS.


7000 BC meeting tomorrow in Albuquerque. Always looking for new comics people …


A new installment of The Panel just posted, this one featuring 100 Bullets. It's one of the finest comics out there, but I haven't watched it yet — I need to catch up on the trades before the gang spoils anything (nice costumes, though).


string, the monthly (or close; hey, I've been busy) anthology of comics from 7000 BC is now available for download. And this one's a pretty unusual one — it's a terrific example of creators following their own visions and pushing the limits of comics, and we welcome Mayhem and Maureen to the series.

Neil over at Dalton Publishing let me know that our pal Robert Stikmanz will be having another event for Sleeper Awakes at Dragon's Lair Austin this Saturday.


The first part of Sequential Tart's month-long series on 7000 BC is now posted; interviews with Shirl, Jamie, Courtney, Jeff, and me will follow over the next few weeks.

At last week's Cowtown Comix Fest we ran into Charlito from Indie Spinner Rack again, who mentioned that the podcast of 7000 BC's interview is available (it's the first segment). And speaking of Cowtown, there's been some coverage at and at


At the ISB, some pretty beautiful thoughts for the Fourth of July. More recent-goings-on and other assorted comics stuff soon.

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