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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Hm. A day I thought I'd never see — at the shop this week, the only items in my pull box where all mainstream DC: Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, and Wednesday Comics. Most of which will make it into this year's top ten.


This Saturday (and maybe a bit of Sunday), we'll be Bubonicon 41 at the 7000 BC table. In addition to comics from the group, there'll be a bunch of activities; details here. And be sure to check out our special zombie string.


Hey! Matt's Xoc is up for an Ignatz at this year's SPX (for which Kate Beaton's done the header illustrations; just piling on the reasons I'm sorry I'll be missing).


Comicdesignnerdgeekeryexplosion: Chip Kidd on his covers for DC. Via Raph, who keeps track of these things.


News from io9 that Midnight, Mass is due to be a TV series. They note my earlier problem of there being no links to the Vertigo series — it's a favorite here at Squirrel Central, in part because it is flawed.


Witness the birth of an internet meme: via Andy, it's Photo-crashing Squirrel!


Looking through notes of things I meant to post, ran across Hey Oscar Wilde, It's Clobberin' Time, a collection of comic artists interpreting literary figures.

And speaking of high-minded pursuits, Squirrel Central is off to get its culture on at the Santa Fe Opera's production of The Letter; based on a Somerset Maugham story, it promises some hard-boiled noir action in there, too.


For Monica and everybody else at the apiary — apparently Nichols and May did a bunch of ads for Narragansett Beer back in the day, and now sound collage artist Steinski has created a new "remix" radio ad. All over the cool adblogs today, Brandfreak and Adpulp offering some commentary and video; Adrants' guest blogger's thoughts got me remembering … anybody know where I can find those old Molson ads from the '80s? Y'know, "no thanks, I'll just suck on my tie"?


"This isn’t just a spy comic: it’s a story to be appreciated for the sheer fun it brings to life." The ComicNews.Info review of Raised By Squirrels Volume 1. After a day where the laptop not starting after a failed upgrade barely even registered as a problem, this was awfully welcome.


Matt's announced the release of his new comic Xoc, the tale of a great white shark's journey across the Pacific. Ordered mine; send him an email to get yours.


I'm not sure I knew Jolene had a Web site. While I'm waiting to get one of her decks — to hang on the wall — I'm hoping she'll agree to do something for RBS.

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