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You never call! Maybe you should instead? Seriously, we'd love to know what you think about RBS.


Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


And nice writeup on Panel Press and Raised By Squirrels at Santa Fe Literary News today.

Bill Mauldin, Willie, and Joe are gonna be on a stamp. His recent bio and collection made my top ten comics last year; still working away on this year's list.


An interview with David Simon about many things, including The Wire. Via Bobulate.


A present from our dog today led me to the legend of Saint Guinefort — the greyhound who was a saint. There's a comic in there somewhere.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


Now you can. Every day. Via Oberholtzer Creative.


Recently added to the RSS feed: Santa Fe Literary News. A welcome look at local writers and writing, produced by James McGrath Morris.


Looks like I missed 08, but here's the 09 Year in Media Errors and Corrections. Via Coudal.


New issue of string available for download featuring, among other things, the latest installment of New West. Also posted over at Literate Machine, where all the issues are conveniently gathered in one place.


Marc's Powers parody has gotten some attention on Oeming's Twitter feed and at at Comics Alliance.

(As you might guess, might be considered NSFW.)


No, I will not be seeing The Road. Read the book in one sitting on a flight, and that messed my head up for a couple days. But here's an amazing Q&A with Cormac McCarthy and, via Raph, news about his typewriter.

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