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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Well, there's this. But, then, there's this.

Rob let me try out his iPad this weekend, and, well, I'm afraid it's love for this print guy.


Bubonicon was, again, a great time with some wonderful people.

A welcome to those new to the S.Q.R.L. world. Monica and I produce (admittedly, more than just somewhat infrequently) the serialized comic Raised By Squirrels — available as free PDFs by following the Older Issues link down there. Printed books for sale to the left there.

RBS is released under the Panel Press imprint, where we offer a few other comics, including Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw which are set in the RBS universe, but at an earlier time, and feature art by the amazing Jamie Chase.


Bubonicon this weekend, we'll be at the 7000 BC table most of the day Saturday. And — well, we won't have any new books. But the first ten or so people who come by and express outrage at this development, there might be a little something special for you.

Or you can come harass Jamie and me at the Comics Collaboration panel we'll be giving with Pete and Paul Saturday morning at 10:00.


Thinking about Twin Peaks twenty years later. A good look back at a pop culture milestone and the effect it had (still has?). We were those college students at the party, though not in costume.


Jamie's annual exhibit opening is this Friday — and for the first time, we may be missing it, getting the dog to the sitter so we can stay overnight at Bubonicon Saturday. But if it works out right, we might be able to get her to the gallery … a treat, 'cause I'm pretty sure she likes him more than me.


Likely too late for the RBS readership, but Frank's advice for a graphic design student has some good thoughts for all of us. Via Coudal.

Addendum: but remember, it's just advertising.


Jason just let me know that The Martian Confederacy: From Mars With Love (sequel to 2008 favorite The Martian Confederacy) is solicited in Previews. He's "proud to say it's the first child slave labor comedy."


Hm. Lines and Colors points to All Over Coffee; he's right that it's unlike anything else on the comic page, so now I'm trying out the daily as a part my morning reading.

But, speaking of overlooked daily strips — I suppose this is good news. But, really, it means that one of the most talented cartoonists today is still behind two discontinued strips, one that's essentially just reprints, two zombies, and I'd say at least four that have been recycling the same jokes for decades. Read Cul de Sac regularly, let's see if we can't give Richard a boost.


They're digging through the wayback archives at TAL, bringing out the ol' Superpowers episode. Turns out Gone and Forgotten is still around (in its new form). Thought it had stopped again a couple years back, but seems it was just my RSS feed.
Our friend Jamie (a different one) has relaunched the revitalized Santa Fe Literary News, the local source for all sorts of book and publishing happenings.


“When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God, and the public library, which belongs to you. The public library is a great equaliser.” An amazing quote; the sillier story behind it is here. I know the influence the Cora J. Belden had on me.
7000 BC meeting this Saturday, August 14 in Santa Fe. Interested in making comics? See you there.



Observations on comics in the digital world — in motion and on the iPad.


Last year we were able to make it to the Cowtown Alternative Comix Festival — but no such luck this year. Somehow, they seem able to manage. If you're in the Denver area next Saturday, you need to stop by the event and check out the independent comics creators and their books.

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