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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


The dedication of the Bill Mauldin stamp today. And, yeah, I was there (for a bit), pretty great, honoring this guy who was able to communicate so much with so little. Got my souvenirs.


Started out as a Lost fan, strayed, dropped it, picked it up again last season with renewed interest. Final season's been good, last week's Sawyer episode a standout. And last night? OK, it made some important points, maybe even cleared up a few things — but the pacing? Refer to this Mark Waid essay from Kung Fu Monkey: start the scene as late as possible. Did we really need to see Ricardo tying up his horse — twice? His story was so cliché (and clichés are not always a bad thing), couldn't we have taken some things as read? It did make for some great moments, some parts were important to set up, but I felt it was about 40 minutes until we got past the setup and into stuff actually happening, and we don't have that kind of time now.

But then again, I just watched Fly Girls, so clearly my judgment cannot be trusted.

P.S.: That Waid essay is a bit weird — I remember reading it a couple times to get the point. But once you do …

P.P.S. Yes, I'm probably guilty, too. But I'm working on it.


Found at STAPLE! and added to the weekly webcomic reading: Mohagen. Mostly for the expressions, but the sea monkey storyline is highly recommended.


A shout-out to the gang of Dallas cartoonists who were such great dinner companions at the post-STAPLE! gathering: Nate of Hermit Hill, Mike of Dorm Dorks, Grant of Greetings from Wonderland, and Jose of Reinhardt District. Also to Franklin Barbecue for the awesome smoked meat — and espresso barbecue sauce.


Just finalized travel plans for Denver ComicFest, April 16-18. And I happen to know that there's a new cover in the works for RBS volume 1 right now … so we should be restocked, as well as having plenty of stuff from 7000 BC.


A bit surprised when Diamond recently solicited the first Codename: Knockout TPB; it was a total guilty pleasure from the early aughts, but I had the feeling we were the only ones reading it. Hauled out the individual floppies (incl. a few Connor/Palmiotti-signed ones) for a re-read. It's fun to discover a bunch of talent (artists, inkers, and colorists) who've gone on to success — and the stories are holding up much better than I remembered. And what's the author been up to? Puppy!


Still coming off another great time at STAPLE!. Too busy for much documentation, but a few photos at 7000 BC's Flickr, including the pre-party at Austin Books and Comics and the post-dinner at Franklin Barbecue. And thanks to François for being such a great neighbor.



Not much posting on, busy with preparations for our appearance this weekend at STAPLE! in Austin. Once again, we'll be representing 7000 BC with books from the group — and we'll be premiering the latest from Panel Press, the long-in-the-making New West. Find us at table 16 in the auditorium, a few spots down from our friend Rob Stikmanz.

Update: some nice words about our comics from Rob.

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