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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Still time to "celebrate" Banned Books Week — maybe by enjoying one of the most challenged graphic novels.

(I'm 8-for-10 there; don't think I've read all of Maus, am saving Bone for someday, and just don't care for Sandman).

Update: and Chris Sims weighs in on some of the reasons. Cripes, our society is doomed.


Two of my favorite creative people have been named MacArthur Fellows this year: David Simon (Homicide, The Wire, etc.) and Matthew Carter (Bell Centennial, Verdana, etc.). Takes some of the sting out of not winning — again — this year.
Time again to "celebrate" Banned Books Week — maybe by enjoying one of the most challenged graphic novels.

(I'm 8-for-10 there; don't think I've read all of Maus, am saving Bone for someday, and just don't care for Sandman).


Just last week I learned about the alt-text in XKCD. That's gotta be, like, 5 nerd demerits.


The subject line from Marc read: SGS (Single Gray Squirrel). It's agreed at Squirrel Central that, while still big fans from way back, we've kind of had our fill of of David Sedaris. And the recent animal fables? Not so much. But Ian Falconer … well, that could be something.


"VCs and Angel Investors line up to pitch me on why I should take their money. I put last night’s dreams into a dream journal, and then those dreams start bidding wars to become the startups of tomorrow. I don’t have bad ideas, but if did, I’d sell them on eBay, with a $1,000,000 reserve." Alex is my new hero.


24 Hour Comics Day in Albuquerque7000 BC presents New Mexico's only 24 Hour Comics Day event, at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, starting October 2 at 10:00. To participate, send Jeff an email.


Linda, Marc, Jon, Katherine, David, Kevin, Rob, and Raph (with Ava's approval) have all gotten theirs. If you're bemoaning the lack of SQRL in your life recently, send an email with your t-shirt size.


English, R.I.P. Whatevs.


After this, was inspired to dig back into my (incomplete) X-Force/-Statix collection for the first time in a couple years. Tonight, post-New Comic Night, volume 1.

Cripes, that's awesome, ahead-of-its-time stuff.


Kevin's been pointing me to a bunch of up-and-coming artists who've caught his eye: Chris Samnee, Gabriel Hardman — and Francesco Francavilla, whose take on The Man Without Fear gets a preview over at Newsarama.

I think he's spotted a trend in Marvel comics, at least some at the fringes, of a loosening up of line- and brushwork, stronger use of blacks; welcome, if you ask me.


The artistic side of the blog has a pattern posted over Spoonflower's fabric of the week contest. The designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 7 total) to find Monica's aborvitae pattern. Vote early, vote often.


Posted with jealousy: SPX starts tomorrow in Maryland. Our friend Matt and a bunch from the DC Conspiracy will be there, along with Squirrel Central favorites, Richard Thompson, Kate Beaton, and Danielle Corsetto. And a whole bunch of awesome creators, some up-and-coming (have I ever mentioned meeting Jeff Parker in '02 there before he actually published a book?)


'Round these parts, John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver will be passing through New Mexico as part of their book tours. At Astro-Zombies in Albuquerque on Saturday at noon and, after staying in the S.Q.R.L. barracks, at True Believers in Santa Fe on Sunday at noon.


7000 BC will be represented at the El Paso Comic Con this weekend by Pete and Chuck. There'll be all our Panel Press comics along with other books from the group, including the last of the Jamie's MYX advance copies.

The con's brand new and looks like it'll have a great collection of independent creators — stop by and support it if you're in the area.


"A font is what you use, and a typeface is what you see." The most succinct explanation I've heard yet, over in the in The Typographer's Glossary in the new Education Section at FontShop.


While I prefer seeing my name used as a sound in comics (not too uncommon in Hellboy), and Fred Van Lente had some great ones in Hercules, this might be one of the best SFX ever.


7000 BC's photos from Bubonicon 42, including the big rat jam drawing.

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