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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Artists' Alley at Comicpalooza, Sunday afternoon:

And seems that Richard Thompson was off winning a Reuben this past weekend.


Traveling to Houston tomorrow for Comicpalooza this weekend.

Also: I think Patton Oswalt got my copy of Fables last week.


I'm unabashedly sentimental about dogs — one of the reasons they keep appearing here despite this site's purported mission.

And now I'm fascinated by "war dogs," kind of a phenomenon thanks to Rebecca Frankel's coverage — the latest of which, including some speculation about Cairo, is in this follow-up photo essay.

Recent reading and studying has been about the — most likely 140,000-year-long — bond between our species. Admittedly, I'm conflicted about dogs fighting our wars, but still, I don't know, there's something amazing about the relationship that gives me hope for both of us.


Yeah. there hasn't been a lot of posting here — a lot of real world's been getting in the way. But we'll be in Houston this Memorial Day weekend for Comicpalooza, representing 7000 BC in Artists' Alley at table AA2.

And then — one of the things that's been taking up so much time — Panel Press will have its own table in Artist Alley at Albuquerque Comic Expo alongside Jamie and a bunch of our friends, June 24–26. There'll also be a 7000 BC booth on the main floor that'll be your guide to independent comics from the area. It'll mean a lot to us if this is a successful event, so come on out. And we know the organizer, so if you want to exhibit, let us know.


For anybody who might be running across this site for the first time: welcome!

This is the home of the serialized comic that Monica and I produce (admittedly, more than just somewhat infrequently), Raised By Squirrels — which is available for free by downloading the PDFs to the left (starting at the bottom) or for purchase via those links on the side.

RBS is released under the Panel Press imprint, where we offer a few other comics, including Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw which are set in the RBS universe, but at an earlier time, and feature art by Jamie Chase. And our newest series New West, with art by Caleb Yeider.

We're also members of 7000 BC, a Northern New Mexico-based comic creators collective. You can check out their Web site for more, including current activities and some free downloads.


Hey, it's exciting here.


Apropos of nothing that this site purportedly covers, other than I probably spent more time on this over the weekend than reading comics — hearing that a dog was involved in Bin Laden's takedown led me to this amazing picture and accompanying photo essay, and then to this stirring regular feature on "war dogs."


My Goddaughter's older sister: "Free Comic Book Day is some kind of nerd holiday."
Had some fun hanging out at True Believers yesterday for Free Comic Book Day. Here's 7000 BC's string Free Comic Day 2011 edition for download, and 2010 and 2009 as well.


A good day for Richard to post one of my favorite of his cartoons.

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