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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Creeper Sketches

Beware The Creeper is a favorite 'round Squirrel Central (just look at our word balloons) — so it's not only great to see a collected edition, but these Cliff Chiang sketches.


Argo Sketches for Auction

OK, wow. Turns out that, all along, Jim Lee had been in possession of Jack Kirby's Argo concept art, having bought it decades ago, thinking it animation ideas. And now the art's up for auction. Via Brian.


Old Warplanes

Somehow, this seems to fit here: Fighter Jets That Became Battle-scarred War Monuments. Always thought MiGs were Constructivist sculpture. Via Andy.


Under Los Alamos

If you're reading this, you know my fondness for the secret history of Los Alamos — here's a just-declassified look at a tunnel vault.


So, What Do You Do?

What Do Teachers Make?, the comic adaptation.


Dogs Jumping Out of Planes

Not comic-related, but we'll always post pictures of parachuting MWDs, because, among other things, it's a dog that trusts its human enough to jump out of a plane.


Steve Lieber's Co-working Space

Steve Lieber, one of our favorite artists (who's now drawing the awesome Superior Foes of Spider-Man) has a brief interview about his co-working studio space for cartoonists.


New Comic Night

Daredevil's new storyline will surprise you. In a good way. Young Avengers, among other awesomeness, maybe the best use of pancakes since Hellboy. Hawkguy … continues to prove, with the way it push the limits of the form, definitely the smartest superhero — and maybe the smartest overall — comic being made now.


Brubaker in the Cold War

In today's comic-book-espionage-with-awesome-female-leads OMG SQUEEEE! news: Ed Brubaker's new series Velvet.


"I, for one, welcome our new [fill-in-the-blank] overlords"

Google's commemorating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell … incident. Whatever it was. I didn't get past the chicken.


Life, Slowed

In addition to being a terrific time suck, the slow-motion science of Distort has a comic connection. We met artist Doc Pop — who shows off his yo-yo skills — years ago at APE. I use his epic mini Pancakes whenever I'm teaching comic-making. Via Beals & Abbate's Twitter


The Guns of Shadow Valley

Cleaning up the old feeds (and discovering some were actually still going) in the new RSS reader, learned that The Guns of Shadow Valley has already funded their Kickstarter, but there's still time to get in on the rewards. Hm.


A Real Night Witch

I'd never say that Garth Ennis is a bad writer, just that I don't usually connect with his stories. His Battlefields work, though, was beautiful (in its way) stuff. And, look, Kate Beaton's found one of the real Night Witches.


More Typography and Comics

Yet again, the Venn diagram of comics and typography intersects. Via.

And, hey, I'm now required to give titles to posts.


An amazing collection of Kirby double-page spreads curated by illustrator Derek Langille.

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