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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Welcome New Readers

Maybe we just met at ACE this past weekend and this is your first time at this site — welcome!

This is the home of the serialized comic Raised By Squirrels — available for free by downloading the PDFs to the left, (go to Older Issues to start from the beginning at the end of the list), or for purchase via those links on the side and at comic shops in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. And the first volume's at Comixology.

RBS is released under the Panel Press imprint, where we offer a few other comics, including Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw which are set in the RBS universe, but at an earlier time, and feature art by Jamie Chase.

We're also members of 7000 BC, a Northern New Mexico-based comic creators collective. You can check out their Web site for more, including current activities and some free downloads.


ACE 2014

Friday, we return to Albuquerque Comic Expo. We're at table B11(-ish, there's still some shuffling happening) with stacks of comics. 7000 BC will have a booth on the main floor promoting local independent comics, and many of our friends will also be in Artist Alley.

Bram will be leading a workshop on comic-making Friday at 5:00, a fast-paced hands-on introduction to the medium with no drawing ability required; participating on a panel on independent comics at 6:00; and talking about preparing files for print in a roundtable Q&A Sunday at 11:00.


On this day in squirrel history …

Completely factual and accurate account from the Immonens.


Summer's here, time for Cartoon Camp

Richard Thompson's essay on character uses Cul de Sac's Cartoon Camp as examples. Everybody wins.


And the Manhattan Project TV Show

Trailer for Manhattan<, filmed in part right behind where I parked for school. ETA: trailer inexplicably removed from original locaiton: watch this one.


Manhattan Project Photos

Not from Los Alamos, from Oak Ridge. But still awesome, esp. the typography throughout.


Sure, This, But That

Word broke last night on Stephan Pastis' blog that Bill Watterson's been drawing panels of Pearls Before Swine this week. Thought that art looked familiar. But look what I've run across at Sword & Backpack since: swordguys.

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