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Occasional posts from (usually) Bram and (sometimes) Monica about comics in general, this comic in particular, art, design, publishing, visual culture, and far, far too many things about actual squirrels.


Peter, who's been doing the finished art for a book I'm lettering, has gone and just launched his own webcomic.


One of the books I've been lettering — Godsend — has launched an Indiegogo campaign. The team's looking to raise funds to complete the story they've been working on for so long.


Mission Impossible Squirrel, via Marc. Seriously, the people who trained it … what where you thinking? You've doomed us all!


Before the big move, there was a fair amount of comic purging. Luckily, Matt didn't understand he was meant to keep the run of Beware the Creeper. I haul it out every year or so, and again marvel at how many things it does right. This time, wanting to research the lettering (the origin of RBS's balloon stems) … the first issue has no credits beyond Jason Hall and Cliff Chiang. In the second issue, credited on the first page are Dave Stewart on colors and John Workman lettering. Y'know, it doesn't really get much better than that.


Watch it. And then, again, paying attention to the window.


Another project I've been lettering — Swift Blades — has quietly launched.

Need comic lettering? Send an email.


Can't express how sorry we are to have to sit out this year's STAPLE!. But our good friends Robert and Amanda will be representing Confabule at The Marchesa this weekend. Looks like they'll be next too the impossibly talented Andy Perez, and right by Mark Nasso and his highly recommended Land of the Rats books. We'll miss our former neighbors Kate and Charles from Literati Press. But I'm hopefully still going to get the would've-made-it-to-my-best-of-2011-if-I'd-done-a-list latest installment of Buffalo Speedway.

If you're in the Austin area — just go, I can't describe how awesome this con is.


King of the Cats, indeed.

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